Larch View Route

Larch View Route Stats

Grade: Blue - Moderate
Distance: 13.5Km
Singletrack: 30%
Estimated Time To Ride The Route: 1.5 - 2.5 hrs

The blue-graded Larch View Route combines forest road with some singletrack (shared with the Ae Valley Route). The trail is ideal if you want to step up from the green-graded trail and to take in a little bit more of the forest.


The outward route is shared with the green and red-graded trails. Cross the Water of Ae go past the start of the Ae Valley Route, then take a left turn onto forest road. At junction 9 go past the start of the red route (on the right). Turn right and continue on the forest road.

Towards Gubhill

This section takes you round the side of Green Hill to Gubhill. At Gubhill, bear right on the forest road. A climb here takes you up to junction 12 where you join up briefly with the red route as far as junction 13. Here the red trail heads off to the left while the blue route turns right along a forest road to the start of the sublime 'Colin's Folly' and rejoins the forest road, next to the Water of Ae, and joining up with the green route.

Back down the valley

The trail heads up the Water of Ae Valley towards Dan's Pool. It returns down the valley running next to the river taking in some easy, handrailed wooden boardwalk, and runs through the Craigshields outdoors centre site with a meadow to the left. Crossing back over the Water of Ae, there are good views down the river off the bridge, before a combination of singletrack and forest road brings you back to the car park.

The Trails view grading charts

Visitor Comments

Did the Larch and Valley routes in less than 2hrs. Loved the Larch route, a tough climb and hairy descent but Great fun. Hired bikes which was fab as didnt have to clean them! Thanks to all x
Paul Digard
A pleasant and pretty route but more green than blue
I LOVED Ae!The rocky roads they sell in the cafe are WELL COOL!
im 9 and will be coming here again!!
joanne lynn
Love this route do it once a week great fun all year round always lots of wildlife to see
Our kid's 7 &5 thought it was good but the hill was long!
Alexander Murray
The new section at Colins Folly is awesome.
James Miodonski
They're re-jigged the last 1/2 of this lately (Oct 2012) and it's all the better for it. Nice little bermy section before the picturesque finish along the river. Good job guys
Only good part was the Green part at the end. The forest road was a dull climb/descent.
Alastair Gilchrist
Probably the easiest blue around. There is a strong case to be made for more of a skills difference between greens and blues. Really good for families, though.
Alexander Murray
Cycled this route several times now and I never get fed up of it.
Definitely doesn't compare with other 7stanes Blue routes. The route needs some of the magic put into the Bermn Berm berm at Glentress and even some of those clever uphills that you find on the blue there - you don't even realise you're going uphill!!
Far too easy. one long gravel road climb, followed by a long gravel road descent, followed by a long, flat, boring 'single'-track back to the car park.

it's nice being near the river, but that's about it.
Did this today with my son, and whilst it was nice, too much of it is forest road and the trail there is is largely flat without any challenge. Didn't want to try our forst red, but probably should have done. Good condition though, and the run alongside the river is nice.
Alexander Murray
Really enjoyed this route. Great for a novice such as my wife and I, this is our second forest trail. The climb was a wee bit of a challenge at about 2 miles but the final section was beautiful along by the river. We definitely will do this trail again.
Did this route with the family. Not much in terms of excitement and just not enough singletrack. Too much forest roads (mostly climbing but one fast descent in first half. The second half is actually quite a pleasant, and certainly more interesting, flow along some singletrack next to the river.
Little disappointed with this trail. There is a long climb on forest roads around Green hill, followed by a fast descent but also on forest roads. It is a shame that this section couldn't have had some flowing singletrack in the woods either side. The most enjoyable bit is the Water of Ae return shared with the green route.
Great walk really enjoyed it, well maintained easy to follow

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