Innerleithen XC

Innerleithen XC Stats

Grade: Red - Difficult
Distance: 19Km
Singletrack: 75%
Estimated Time To Ride The Route: 2 - 4 hrs

As befits one of Scotland’s foremost downhill centres, the Innerleithen XC cross-country trail is not for the faint hearted. It includes a leg-burning, lung-busting climb to the summit of Minch Moor and then some thrilling singletrack descending, with jumps, drop-offs and optional features that are well-deserving of their black grading.


From the car park, you are immediately on to singletrack, with a switchback climb through the forest bringing you out on to a bridle path.

Stell Burn Climb

The first half of the ride is predominantly climbing, all the way to the exposed summit of Minch Moor at 570 metres. After the initial climb through the forest, the trail turns tricky at Stell Burn Climb. Over the road, the climb continues with more rock features as well as rooty bits to keep you on your toes. The climb then ramps up for the final section to the start of Taniel Hill.

Taniel Hill Contour Trail

This trail takes you along the side of Taniel Hill and is a cracker! Here you’ll find the first evidence of the downhill influence, with fast, flowing trails bringing you out at the top of an old gravel quarry. Here the trail dives down through the sweeping turns before coming to a split in the trail: straight on takes you down a steep face that sets you up nicely for a step jump, or keep left for a more mellow route. The trail then splits one more time with two short ways to finish the section off - both fun!

Lead Mine Climb

A shortish forest road climb then leads into another singletrack climb, near old mine workings, this time into woodland and over one or two tricky obstacles, including rock steps. The trail joins a shared right of way at Archman’s Bog, so watch out for walkers here, before heading towards the Minch Moor Climb.

To climb or not to climb?

Just before the Minch Moor Climb, the trail forks. Head right to carry on with the climb, or if you don’t fancy tackling it, head left onto the shortcut link. This cuts out all of the climb to the summit of the Moor, but it means you’ll miss the cracking view at the top, and the bermy singletrack descent off the top, complete with easy jumps. The link brings you out at the foot of the Minch Moor Descent, onto the fast, descending Enduro trail singletrack.

Minch Moor Climb and Descent

This is a grinding and seemingly never-ending ascent to the highest point of the route, the summit of Minch Moor, by way of narrow, winding singletrack. It can appear relentless, but the climb is steady rather than steep, and you are rewarded at the top with stunning views over the Tweed Valley, and the prospect of a swooping singletrack descent.


From the summit cairn the trail descends across open moorland and can feel rocketship fast depending on which way the wind's blowing. Look out for cheeky rock step options before the trail dives into the trees through series of fast interlinked berms.


You're soon at the Southern Upland Way where a newer section of trail starts. Littered with tabletop jumps, doubles, rock drops and bermed corners, this fast, well-surfaced section of trail will definitely get the adrenaline flowing. This then links into the older Enduro Trail - classic foot wide singletrack, that drops elevation just enough to keep you flying along!

Plora Craig

A steady descent then climb on forest road brings you to start of Plora Craig. It's a technical masterpiece that starts off weaving through open pine trees before doubling back across open hillside with tricky rock features, slippy roots and tight turns to negotiate.


There's also the option of an even trickier black-graded section of trail - Razor Rock - to attempt. Tough rock gardens, steps, drop offs and chokes, as well as a healthy degree of exposure in places, await to undo your good riding! If you don't fancy the black option, the main trail continues into Oh Deer, a beautifully flowing piece of singletrack that's a little mellower but still serves up plenty more rock features.


The two options then rejoin for the final part of Plora Craig - a fast descent, followed by a steady, though quite strength-sapping climb through a lovely young mixed woodland. From here, the route follows the forest road, climbing steadily to the final descent (and many people's highlight) of the route Cadon Bank.

Cadon Bank

Cadon Bank is utterly exhilarating - a 2km rollercoaster of a descent. After a couple of rocky steps you're onto the first of three (black-graded) rock drops in a row, each requiring mandatory air (i.e they can't be rolled over). The final one is over 4ft! These can be avoided, however, with an easier line to the left of each. Round a 180 turn, over a cheeky rock step and it’s into a series of 10 big rollers – like being on a rollercoaster, but on your bike! Check contents of stomach are intact, then it’s across a bridleway and into the lower section.


Down a rock chute and over a couple of smaller jumps you soon pick up speed. Two small rock drops fly quickly by then it’s into a big 180 turn, through some massive bombholes, then three doubles back to back. From here, things can get ridiculously quick over several wide step-downs, the last of which fires you into a big tabletop.


Through two turns, then a couple more rock steps follow, then a huge bombhole, which spits you out over two more tabletops. Two final turns, a couple of jumps and you’ve made it to the finish!


Note: apart from the rock drops at the top, everything else can also be rolled over at a more mellow speed.

The Trails view grading charts

Visitor Comments

First time at Innerleithen, absolutely class, the climb up is not too hard, and well worth the ride back down . Rock sections jumps , berms, drop offs everything you want . One piece of advice there are no facilities at all in the car park . Ticket machine and picnic tables !
Rode this with my son on Monday, probably the best red we've ever ridden.
Climb is long but not that bad, only had to use lowest gear a couple of times.
Decents are fab, plenty of jumpsand drop offs for him, with easier options for me.
He pinch flatted twice, but that's his fault, not the trails.
We'll take the whole family up on Saturday!
A good mixture of everything: a steady climb; old style singletrack; modern fast flowing sections and finally Cadon Bank. Overall a bit harder than the Glentress red trail.
The small rock steps on the long ascent are a real pain as at my speed tended to stall on each one as not enough momentum. Loved Cadon bank at the end but a bit disappointed in the rest of the descent. Very flowing, fast and long but perhaps my bottom bracket is lower than average as i kept whacking into things. Great ice cream shop in town after.
Robin Goodwin
Climb is straight out the car park and is incessant. Much harder than Glentress Red. Have done black options and fallen off twice. Red trails is still tough going but superb. Drops at the bottom are borderline black but the downhill that was terrifying the first time was superb the second.
Much quieter that GT too.
Rode this with my son on Saturday. Awesome climb, great views, fantastic fast descent. Often in the area and cant wait to do again
Rode both red XC innerliethen and Glentress route today. Both ace - Innerleithen probably wins it for me - just. Tough ascent but well worth it. Fast flowing downhills follow with plenty to obstacles to think about whilst flying down ...
Climb up is hard but worth it for the descent off Minch moor and the final descent Cadon bank gets the adrenalin flowing and each of the four drop offs I managed to ride the second one but the others need serious commitment.The alternate routes are less intimidating.
I'm newish to MTB. Rode the reds at Glentress the day before, but this one at Innerleithen was too hard for me. I had to bail out after 30 minutes and ride the fire trail back to the car park.
adrian adams
done the xc trail yesterday, (sat 23rd). brutal climb up the hill, liked the final section of taniel hill just before you hook up to the forest road again. the snow at the top added an extra element. nice descent back down, loved the razor rock section (dont look to the right though) also liked the caddon bank section
First time back after tree clearing on Lead mine climb; weird with no trees but the view makes the climb easier. Shame when the machinery was there they didn't build some features on this section.Getting a bit rough these days, but still the best descent anywhere.
Cadon bank is great but there are four NOT three drop offs at the top!
The best trail in the UK
Rode the Innerleithen XC black this Sunday, was slightly disappointed to see the scale of the clearances, it really changes the atmosphere of the routes some nice wooded descents are now quite bleak.
The snow was fun from the top although a challenge getting there and it was great to get onto the lower sections.
Rode this yesterday and really enjoyed it. A great varied trail and the added snow made for a heavier technical challenge. The more you ride it, the better it will become as you will know what is beyond each drop off. Shame that there aren't more berms to carry your speed as you have to scrub quite a bit for the switch-backs as with Glentress.
cant stop going here to it goes like this minch moor climb and then glentress black trail yeha .
steven robertson
Not been to Innerleithen for over 4 years as I have to drive past Glentress to get there.but will defo be back soon. Loved it. First time I have actually burst out laughing on a decent for a long time. The climb up is well worth it for the decent.
Kerry Price
Love it, cracking climb leads to some of the best XC riding I've ever done and I've got Afan on my doorstep. The lightning fast singletrack descents kept me grinnin. Nice rock sections and fast flows through the forest. See you next year.
Amazing fun!! Technical uphill, followed by a long fast long decent.
Rode this a couple of days ago, excellent trail. It was raining and extremely wet and slippy. Far more challenge than the red at Glentress. Look forward to going back up when its drier.
Interesting single track climb, followed by blisteringly fast single track descent. Perfect riding!!!
Outstanding trail
Douglas Beattie
I did this MTB run today and it is some of best mountain biking i have ever done! Totally awesome!! Its quiet challenging and a lot of steep-ish climbing to start with to the top of Moor Minch but worth it! lots of rocks, boulders a few tree roots sticking out.
There on Sunday. Really good and worth a return visit.
Rode it for the first time today. Minch Moor and the surrounding hill tops all covered in snow. What a great experience. Easily one of favourites now!
First time on a full susser and jeezo it's so much faster than the h'tail. Any recommendations for tyres? Nobby nics on my trance x4 were a bit slippy on the rocks.
This is the best stane by far. If you don't mind the climb to start the rest is the best time you can have on two wheels. Cadon bank to the car park is epic.
Steve L
been 4 times and love it, best stane out there by far.
mark merry
Really nice ride, best stane. Final 2k not for beginners!
Really enjoyable, basically straight up and down. You can roll the black drops.
Brian (DK)
Tom & Arnie (road trip 2011)
absolutley brilliant,great long climb brilliant descent,cracking views on minch moor,last section back to finish is amazing.
Mat Wood
Finally got a full-suss bike an ventured up this trail. Wow - what a ride! Some very scary stuff but the roller-coaster sections of Cadon Bank are amazing. More of this please!!
Tommo fae Craignewton
Done all the 7stanes, Inners is the best without a doubt!
Kyle Brown
About as good a trail centre ride as you'll find
Geebs fae Markinch
Always knew this trail was ace, but looks even better watching my descent on helmet cam'.Is there a better whizz than minsch moor?
Terry K
The climb up is horrible, but coming back down - pure adrenalin once you know where to put your wheels on Cadon! Feels about twice as fast as long-time old favourite Spooky Wood.
Chris Humphreys
Awesome. I'm a beginner but with some guidance managed this ok. A real test of metal at times, particularly the ascent, but feels like a real adventure.
Awesome climbing with some tricky rock challenges along the way. Do the full climb to get the best of the descents, the speed you can pick up on the enduro singletrack is ridiculous! Absolutely love it, far better than GT Red :)

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